Happy New Year! 2014 is here! 3

And we’re starting the year with Venus retrograde, an important point that sets the tone for the first month of the year and influences the entire year. When Venus is retrograde, new projects and long-term contracts and shopping are all tricky.   Kaye Shinker, my financial astrology mentor, used to warn us that the bargains(…)

Sidonia is here!

Sidonia is here! 1

My guest today is Linda Bell Brighton, a new author whose Sidonia the Sorceress series has been intriguing me since Linda first mentioned it in one of my online writing workshops. Linda, I’m thrilled to have my own copy of your new book, and excited about having your blog tour visit my website. Welcome! Oh,(…)

An Interview with Cheryl Gorman

An Interview with Cheryl Gorman 1

My guest this morning is Cheryl Gorman, whose latest release  is “The Rancher and the Event Planner .”    I’ve known Cheryl since she was prepublished, and I’ve always admired Cheryl’s willingness to learn and test anything that would improve her writing.   I also love her sense of humor–just one of the things that(…)

A Self-Guided Creative Journey

A Self-Guided Creative Journey 2

Eric Maisel is a wise and generous mentor, the founder of creativity coaching, a man who has helped thousands of writers, artists and performers find their individual creative processes.   In his new book, Making Your Creative Mark, Eric shares nine key ideas that would make every creative person’s journey more fulfilling–and fun.   I have(…)

Off to a slow start 2

There’s no perfect launch date (except in fiction, of course).   So August 8th started my short-story-a-week-for-a-year project.  Astrologically, it was a good launch date. I’m not quite two weeks into the project and still a story behind. I knew I was going to do this in front of all of you…and that I’d already given(…)

For One Year: A Short Story a Week 0

For One Year:  A Short Story a Week Ray Bradbury’s famous challenge to writers was to write a short story a week for a year.   Over the years, I’ve heard writers who accepted that challenge talk about what it did for each of them. Today I’m starting that adventure, and I invite each of you(…)