Color the writer…. 0

Pick a color.  It’ll reflect some writer’s mood, story, character insight. Or…shamelessly…read my blog at Savvy Authors and pick the colors that highlight your story’s themes, show your character’s issues, touch your reading in subtle and subconsious ways.   To visit the blog “What Color Is Your Story?”, click here.  

Free research tool for writers

I just learned about this site and rushed right over to share it with all of you. The Writer’s Guide to Government Information is a FREE treasure trove of links to government sites that will give you free (and copyright-free) information to help you research your writing projects.

Who’s Your Gatekeeper?

Everyone needs a gatekeeper.   (And no one wants one, of course. ) Gatekeepers look like villains in any good hero’s journey stories, but what they teach the hero makes the final triumph possible.   Even Luke didn’t love Yoda on first sight. And yet–it’s the gatekeepers in our lives we remember and cherish.  (…)

Are You “Playing” a Big Enough Game?

I know.  Writing–or whatever vision powers your life–feels like serious business.   Some of you may even be offended when I call it a game.  But creativity thrives on the spirit of play, and people who take a creative and playful approach to their lives play better, reach mastery sooner, and have better results (for(…)