Sidonia is here!

LBB Author pictureMy guest today is Linda Bell Brighton, a new author whose Sidonia the Sorceress series has been intriguing me since Linda first mentioned it in one of my online writing workshops.

Linda, I’m thrilled to have my own copy of your new book, and excited about having your blog tour visit my website. Welcome!

Oh, Mary! I’m so tickled to be here. Thanks for inviting me.

If it’s alright, I’ll tell your readers about the problem behind that call I made to you for a coaching session.

Plotting (finding) the theme for my books is difficult. So I get in touch with Muse using tarot cards. (You can read my two beginning “Plotting With Tarot” posts at From The Bootheel Cotton Patch and Nicki j. Markus.) To find the theme, I deal three cards across and make sentence (subject/verb/object.)

For the theme spread for Book 2 of the Sidonia the Sorceress series, THE WEB (due out October), I interpreted the cards as “Belief destroys judgment.”

I happily started to go through my scenes. I only had titles, i.e., Sidonia visits Ernst. In that scene, I noted how Sidonia’s belief that Ernst was poisoned had her make decisions she wouldn’t ordinarily make. But as I continued, I wasn’t excited. How is the reader supposed to be excited when I’m not?

I backed up and looked at the theme for a few days. (Okay, it took me longer to figure out to do this.) It was a good theme, I felt, so what was wrong?

What I finally understood was that I was applying the theme in too “small” of way. Showing the instances in each scene and chapter wasn’t enough. I needed to apply the theme to the entire book as a mind-blowing twist.

A year or longer ago, a friend had recommended books by David R Hawkins, MD, PhD. One is POWER vs. FORCE. The back blurb says, “Man[kind] thinks he lives by virtue of the forces he can control, but in fact, he’s governed by power from unrevealed sources, power over which he has no control.” Now that’s BIG.

So now, every person, including Sidonia at the beginning, thinks they live by virtue of the forces they can control by magic, intentionally or not.

That’s when I called Mary and asked, “Does her becoming a magician let her control power? Or does she learn one aspect of it?” My conversation with Mary was an enjoyable experience. I also got a “heads up” about the magic I was using at the end of the book, how it wasn’t consistent with the magic that came before. A discussion I’ll always remember.

I learned two lessons: 1) The Tarot gives you ideas; you still need to think how is best to use it. You still have to rely on your left brain to interpret it; and, 2) The Tarot isn’t consistent. Examine what it tells you about your world building with your left brain to organize it.

ABOUT Wolgast Castle, Book One of the Sidonia The SIDONIA Book1 Fcov PROOFSorceress Seriesby Linda Bell Brighton

Forced to attend Princess Maria regent’s celebration at Wolgast Castle, 1560 Germany, Sidonia von Bork, fears her magical abilities will be discovered and she’ll be burned alive as a witch. When she discovers she is actually a member of an ancient shape-shifting race and the prophesied Golden One, she must face her destiny: to save the multiverse from the daemons determined to destroy all humans, and stay alive in the process.

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