A Cinque a Day Keeps Depression Away

Okay, it’s not your mother’s prescripton for keeping the doctor away.  So don’t give up the apple–

But have you tried a cinque for gathering your thoughts, griping gently or smiling at your world?

The simplest of poems, a cinque is counted syllables and gets its rhythm from the syllables themselves.

You arrange it like this:

2 syllables

4 syllables

6 syllables

8 syllables

2 syllables

Like the last verse of haiku, the final syllables seem to become a natural summation.  But not always.

In journal workshops, I often close by having people write an AlphaPoem, beginning each line with an alphabet letter.  In writing workshops, I sometimes suggest a poem for each character, rapidly writing lines that begin in seuqnence with each letter of the character’s name.

If you haven’t tried an AlphaPoem, I recommend it.  If you want examples, check out Journal to the Self by Kathleen Adams.

But for fun, give me a limerick or a cinque

A cinque a day for a writer at play.