Coach Mary O’Gara

I’m Mary O’Gara, a Certified Creativity Coach and a certified life coach.  For nearly four decades, I’ve worked with women undergoing or emerging from important life transitions.   Some of my clients were reeling from death or divorce.  Others were moving toward the life they’d dreamed of for years–the work that was their life vision–and finding the path a little rocky and hard at times.  As a coach, I know you never have to do life’s work alone.

Most of my clients are women over 50, in their creative prime of life (with brains that gain creative gifts right up into their 80s).   Some are writers and artists.  A few are happily retired.  Many are writers or artists.  Others are healers or have small businesses or independent professional careers.   Creativity, intuition, and authenticity are the powers they bring to the most important games of their lives.   And commitment.

My own commitment to helping women empower themselves began in the women’s movement of the 1970s, when I served on state and national boards fighting for women’s right to equal pay.   I remember vividly the day my boss on what was otherwise the best job ever gave me my choice between top assignments or top pay; the men, he said, would quit if a woman got both.   With very brief exceptions, I’ve been self-employed ever since, usually with a home business.

In 1976, I began an apprenticeship in astrology…and from there I explored diverse disciplines (tarot, hypnotherapy, neurolinguistic programming, kabbalah), earning Ph.D. and D.D. degrees as well as certifications in astrology, hypnosis, neurolinguistic programming, and tarot.  I’ve been teaching locally since 1983 and online since 1993.  Although most of my clients are in what I think of as their Encore Years, I’m in my Legacy Years.   And in Legacy Years, what counts most is being able to share the fruits of a lifetime’s experience and study.

Spirituality and creativity are, in my eyes, the inside and outside of the same chalice.   Each and every person is born with gifts to be developed.   We get to make choices–and the great joy in my life is helping my clients make choices that are right for them and find the courage and resources to shine as the stars they have always been in potential.   In my dream life, each person does choose to be his or her best self, to let his or her personal gifts and abilities shine, and to make the world whole and filled with light–one person at a time.

I’m a published and award-winning short story writer, columnist and poet.   But in everything I do, I’m a strong advocate for every woman’s right to develop and use her own innate gifts.   And I’d like to invite you to sign up for my free report and for a free sample coaching session with me.
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