Did tax day overwhelm you?

Are you pushed and pressured from every direction?  Feeling overwhelmed with the sheer volume of things on your to do list?

Would a little perspective help?

Here’s a simple visual method for dealing with overwhelming pressures.   It’s based on NeuroLinguistic Programming, and it may seem a little strange the first time you’ve tried it.

Close your eyes and see all those pressures as if they were looming over you, towering over you, pushing at you.  Stay right there in your body and feel the pressure rising.

Lift your hands, palms out, and hold them to your face as if you were defending yourself.  Now slowly push your hands out and away from your face and body.  Let your hands move everything back and away from you, toward the far horizon.

As the images move away, you’ll begin to get perspective on the situation.   It’s like using the zoom lens on your camera to get distance and perspective.   Now you can see the bigger picture instead of the fuzzy close-up.

From your new perspective, choose the next step to take to solve the problems.   Do remember Paretto’s principle:  80% of the results come from 20% of the work.

Is it possible that 80% of the overwhelming issues are things you don’t even need to do?  Or that if you focus on what matters most and do that 20% first, the rest will begin to resolve themselves?

Either way, there’s nothing like a fresh perspective to cut life down to size.