Finding Your Niche with Planets in Aries

If you already have a niche, March and April transits are a perfect nudge toward making it stronger and narrower.   If you don’t have a niche to call your own, March and April offer a little extra help in finding it.

The keywords for Aries are “I am”, which refers both to ancient “know-yourself-first” wisdom and to the self-knowledge you need to define a niche.

The hardest part of finding a niche for me is letting go of everything else.   Tightening my niche feels like disappearing from the market–even though I know, and you know, that a tight niche makes you easier to find in the marketplace.

With Jupiter in Aries until June, we’re all getting a boost of confidence.   On March 11th, Uranus will move into Aries, bringing unique ideas and insights.   By April we’ll have five–and for a few days six–planets in Aries.   That’s a huge focus on one part of the chart.

Best of all, Saturn in Libra provides a balance, so you aren’t likely to forget the marketplace entirely while you explore your own dreams.

In the best of all possible worlds, what would you write?  What form?  What genre?  What length?  Or what material?

Can you make even a few minutes a day for preparation and groundwork in that writing field?

Finding a niche doesn’t have to feel like a revolution.  Water can cut its banks rapidly when arroyos flood, but water can also trickle over rock and make a groove.   In the beginning, all you need is a trickle and a groove.

You may not be ready for a website around your niche, but groups and pages on Facebook are free.   Ning and Squidoo are social media sites that cater to themes and topics.   Yahoo and Google have public groups where you can share ideas about almost any topic with other fans.

Preparation, knowing the terrain in which you write, is a vital part of creativity.   It can also be the first part of your niche.   Your first group or first book in a niche may have a broader base than you’ll want in five years, but movement toward your own groove is what counts.

Nice of the planets to give us a boost from time to time.