For One Year: A Short Story a Week

For One Year:  A Short Story a Week

Ray Bradbury’s famous challenge to writers was to write a short story a week for a year.   Over the years, I’ve heard writers who accepted that challenge talk about what it did for each of them.

Today I’m starting that adventure, and I invite each of you to join me.   I’ll be posting a weekly blog about my progress, my wins and losses, and what I learn.

These are my rules of the road for the year:

  1.  I’m makng it a 53-week challenge to produce 52 stories.   Instead of writing and revising the same story within a week, I’ll start with a rough draft of one story this week.  Next week I’ll revise the first story and write the second.   I see myh own clichés and tendencies to overuse words more clearly if I set a manuscript aside briefly.
  2. Each story goes to market by the end of its week of revision.   In the spirit of the original challenge, I’ll be finding a market this week for a story I’ve completed, but not submitted.
  3. I’ll strive for a story a week, and I know I’ll stumble because I’m human.   I know that meeting one’s own goals 80% of the time is a fine standard.   So if I end the year with 40-some stories, I’m a winner.  If I end the year with 52 stories, that’s stupendous—and 52 stories is the goal.
  4. All stories count.   One week I may do flash fiction of 500 words or less, and another week may be a 5,000-word confession.   All genres count.   I get to play this year with whatever ideas present themselves and intrigue me into writing them.
  5. My first market for a story will be the one where I’d most like to see it published—even if that’s a stretch.  If it’s rejected, I’ll send it out in the next day’s mal or email, and I’ll keep marketing until it’s published.   Feedback may be as important as money, and I want both.
  6. I’ll tell all of you the truth about my wins and losses as I go.   Please share your own experiences in the comments area, too, and share as much of this adventure with me as you can.