Happy New Year! 2014 is here!

And we’re starting the year with Venus retrograde, an important point that sets the tone for the first month of the year and influences the entire year.

When Venus is retrograde, new projects and long-term contracts and shopping are all tricky.   Kaye Shinker, my financial astrology mentor, used to warn us that the bargains we buy on Venus retrograde are the clothes we never wear, the cute gifts that become white elephants, and anything that looks like a great bargain (and isn’t).   My own experience says Venus retrograde is a time when I forget something important as I make new purchases.  Or I forget how long the learning curve will be for new technology that’s supposedly going to make my life easier right now.   Yup, all those great deals.

On the other hand, I love Venus retrograde for some things.   I’m moving my email list back to a company I used to use for mailings.   I did the research while Venus was direct, and I’m moving through the change slowly.   First change:  get my webmistress to look it over and be sure the new email signup form works without major changes to my website.   (And since she does these things all the time, Venus retrograde will have less impact on her decisions than on mine.)

If you’ve revised a manuscript, this is the time to resubmit.   If a manuscript just came back to you, you’ll want to get it revised and resubmitted by January 31 (when Venus goes direct).  If you have a story that might be riding the last of a publishing wave, send it off now.

And while you’re celebrating the new year, call someone you haven’t connected with lately.   Venus retrograde loves renewals.   I’m also planning time with music I haven’t enjoyed lately, new books by old favorite authors, and “research” visits to local places I love.   Okay, I’m starting with bagels with an old friend (the Taurus side of Venus must love beautiful bagels and almond flavored cream cheese), but I also have my sights set on Old Town Albuquerque and its beautiful galleries and museums.   Where will Venus (and her goddess Aphrodite) lead you this month?