Hello world!

Are you feeling the stress from changing times?  Who isn’t?

It’s the election–or the economics–or whatever.  I’ve been blaming the stress on Pluto–much easier than blaming it on my own resistance to change.

But the truth is that we’re in flux–because of the election, the economics, the media hype about the election and the economics–and also because Pluto shifts from Sagittarius to Capricorn Thanksgiving night.  That shift marks big changes, the kind that define generations.  In the meantime, people and situations are just disappearing out of our lives.  Maybe they need to go to make space for new things in our lives or theirs–but at the moment, it’s just the stress of change we’re all feeling.

So what do you do?

Eric Maisel offers mantras or incantations to handle the stress.  Check them out at http://www.tenzenseconds.com

Years ago, I started using an affirmation from Catherine Ponder when I found myself resisting changes.  “I am open and receptive to change on all levels of my being.”  Just keep saying it until it is true.

And then there’s the affirmation I learned from the late George Case, one of my spiritual practitioner mentors:  “All persons, situations and things NOT for my highest good now fade from my experience, and I remain in the charmed circle of Divine Love.”

Deep breathing and seeing yourself surrounded by a blazing, sparkling white circle of Divine Light are two quick ways to drop stress away.  Sometimes I just ask an angel to become a little vacuum and pull the stress out of my aura.  That works, too.

The important thing is to tend your aura and brighten it often during the day.  You can deal with the same situations with much less pain and discomfort if you keep your aura filled with light.  And all that takes is your intention to be constantly surrounded by a circle or oval of light, which then tends your own body and mind.