Nine Months Later, the Journey Begins Again

Nine months ago, I committed myself to writing a short story a week for a year.


And then I spent that nine months on a sabbatical of sorts, doing all the things for my health and my life I needed to do before I could live up to that commitment.

I didn’t fall off the path.   In the background, I collected and savored ideas, worked with other writers, thought about story and studied story structure, the creative process, the ways our minds make (and need) story.  And I renewed my energy through and after a serious illness.   Thank goodness that’s done :::dusting my hands:::

Nine months later, I’ve decided to change my life and start with an even bigger commitment.   Some of those short stories need to be written, and so does a novel.   After more than 40 years of psychic work, coaching, consulting and whatever came up first, writing in the cracks between other jobs, I’ve decided to make writing the big deal in my calendar and do as much psychic work, coaching, teaching, consulting and mentoring as I can without sacrificing writing time and energy.

That feels huge to me.   My view of the last year is that I was dangling off a bridge, like an old railroad bridge across a high mountain pass.    Dangling there, I worked on life structure, story structure, and shoring up whatever needed to be fixed to make the real creative journey successful.

The work was so personal and internal, I didn’t blog about it.   Now the blog is back.  I’m back.   And the adventure began again today.