Off to a slow start

There’s no perfect launch date (except in fiction, of course).   So August 8th started my short-story-a-week-for-a-year project.  Astrologically, it was a good launch date.

I’m not quite two weeks into the project and still a story behind.

I knew I was going to do this in front of all of you…and that I’d already given myself permission to stumble, pick myself up and keep on going.

A good launch should bring hidden problems to the fore.   Hidden problems were there all along; when you move toward a goal, they become visible so you can resolve them as part of the movement toward completion.

Ten days later I have a webmistress who’s going to save me oodles of writing time, new passwords everywhere because Facebook (bless their hearts) caught an attempted hack.  I’ve been working deeply, making progress, working until I fell asleep night after night–and I don’t have a finished short story yet.

But this isn’t a relaunch.  The original start date still looks good, and I knew in advance that the launch would bring up any preparations that weren’t complete.   I’ll owe myself a second story some quiet week next winter.

And today, I’m writing.