What can you do in 5 minutes a day?

Like a phone call home, five minutes with your muse keeps a vital creative connection alive.

Sometimes that’s five minutes to move an important project ahead.

Sometimes five minutes of word play is just what you need.   Word play for your muse is like jacks or Parcheesi for a child.   Or maybe wor

Board of Parcheesi

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d play is more like a slinky toy because once it’s in motion, who knows how far it might go?

Our left brains organize ad revise and nurture the inner critic.   We don’t hae to worry about time for the left brain; it’s in charge of the schedule.

Five minutes of play keeps the juices flowing, the ideas moving, the characters talking.   And it’s fun.

You can sketch, write a poem, make a list of character names, freewrite about your next scene, or send yourself a text in five minutes or less.   You can take a picture for research, clip images from a magazine, or find color names in a thesaurus.

It’s the daily “call” to the core of your being that keeps something important alive until the next time you sit down for focused work.

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